Everything You Need to Transform Into the Guitarist You Wish You Could Be

If you’re here, it means you’re either a total beginner or you’ve tried just about everything you can think of – YouTube, books, friends, DVDs, maybe even other guitar lessons in Olympia – but you haven’t been able to find anything that really works. The good news is, there’s hope.

Let me tell you a little story.

Years ago, a teenage kid took guitar lessons from a guy at a music store. Not knowing any better, he thought he was getting great lessons. There was always something new to learn. His teacher gave him lots of songs, lots of chords, lots of scales.

A ton of “stuff.” He felt like he was really getting somewhere.

After each lesson he would go home, sit down, rip open his book and start hacking away at what he had been taught. He did this day after day, thinking he was really making progress and becoming a killer guitarist.

Sure, he learned stuff and got better…but after a while he realized it was very slow going. Trying to learn how to play barre chords was brutal. The F chord was impossible. He thought he would never be able to play it. In fact, one day he was watching a band on TV. The lead guitarist played the F chord like it was nothing.

His jaw dropped in disbelief. How did he do that?!

So, even though he was learning lots of stuff, there was a problem. He thought he lacked talent. He thought he didn’t have it (whatever “it” was). He thought he would never be a good guitarist.

There were days when he just wanted to give up.

Fortunately, he didn’t give up, because he just loved playing guitar. He kept pushing himself. He kept hacking away at whatever he thought would help him get better.

It wasn’t easy. He spent hours and hours at a time practicing and practicing. Hacking away. Trying to figure it.

Basically, doing it by trial and error.

Eventually, he did become a good guitarist – but it took way too long and was way too frustrating.

I know this is true,

     …..because that guitarist is me.

And I know a lot of guitarists who could tell the exact same story.

Although I can’t go back in time and learn guitar again the right way, I can help you avoid a lot of the pain and struggle I went through for all those years.

That’s my mission, which is why I’ve created lessons that give you more than just “things” to learn.

You get a complete training, coaching, and mentoring package to insure you succeed:

        • Ongoing training so you gain a deep understanding of the content you learn
        • Longer lesson times
        • Bonus workshops to help you succeed and develop faster
        • Advanced practice strategies so you know exactly how to make the most progress possible
        • Customized lesson programs
        • Learn your favorite songs
        • Develop creativity so you can write your own songs
        • Play the music you love right from the beginning
        • Exclusive student only workshops
        • Application of everything you learn
        • How to integrate skills to make your progress skyrocket
        • Develop 3-10 times faster than teacher yourself, using YouTube, or taking lessons from another teacher
        • Supplemental aids so you don’t waste time asking the same question multiple times
        • How isolation, application, integration, and review make reaching your goals much faster
        • 100% total dedication to your success


Have Confidence Knowing You’re Taking Lessons with an Active Member of the Most Advanced Guitar Training Program in the World

As a current member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, I receive ongoing teaching training so you get the most up to date, advanced, and effective tools for mastering the guitar as quickly as possible. Most teachers giving guitar lessons in Olympia have never received any kind of formal training at all!

Stop thinking of lessons as “30 minutes of learning stuff” and discover how much better, how much more fulfilling, and how much more effective a complete guitar training program can be.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you own it to yourself to discover a training program that delivers results.

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