Are You Ready to Transform Guitar Playing?

  • Are you a beginner, frustrated and struggling to make progress?

  • Do you find yourself frustrated with trying to play at a high level?

  • Do you see little or no results and feel like you’re wasting hours of practice time?

If you said “Yes” to any of these, keep reading.

Have you experienced any of these frustrations?

  • Not knowing exactly what and how to practice for maximum progress
  • Confusion about music theory and how to use it
  • Inability to easily jam with friends
  • Difficulty strumming with a great sense of rhythm and timing
  • Inability to change between chords smoothly and easily
  • Inability to take a solo with confidence and accuracy
  • Not knowing “how to put it all together”

You’re not alone. I know exactly how you feel.

Look, you know you’re not the guitar player you want to be. You know you can be better but you just don’t know how to solve the problems you face. I’ve been in the exact same place, felt the same way, and have the “know how” to fix your problems. But don’t take it from me. Here’s what one of my students said about my lessons:

“I am very happy with the level of playing I was able to achieve and the new techniques that I learned. I highly recommend Nicholas Anderson to anyone interested in learning guitar.” - Jeanine Thompson

Guitar lessons in Olympia

Stop Wasting Time and Get the Results You Deserve!

With me, it’s different:
  • You will learn 3-5 times faster than learning alone or with a typical teacher
  • You will transform your playing
  • You will avoid a lot of frustration
  • You will learn how to avoid common mistakes
  • You will avoid or fix bad habits
  • You will solve any playing problem
  • You will learn how to set goals and achieve them
  • You will learn to practice effectively and make A LOT of progress
  • You will get and stay motivated to achieve more in less time
  • You will build confidence in your playing ability
  • You will have a lot of fun

Wait, Aren’t All Guitar Teachers Basically the Same? No.

What You Get Other Teachers Me
Learn your favorite songs Yes Yes
Learn chords/scales and music theory Yes Yes
FREE no obligation lesson consultation Maybe Yes
Personalized lesson strategy to help you reach your goals No Yes
Free resources to help you maximize your progress No Yes
Innovative lesson formats to fit your needs and learning style No Yes
A systematic way to monitor and track your progress No Yes
Additional material to help you retain and master what you're learning No Yes
Frequent feedback on your playing and progress No Yes
Guidance in defining your goals No Yes
Guidance in developing a plan to reach your goals No Yes
Coaching to help you overcome barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals No Yes
30 Day No Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee No Yes

Are you ready to rock the guitar like never before?

Ok, if you’ve invested the time to read this far, you’re probably serious about improving your playing. I’m so confident that I can help you overcome whatever problems you’re facing that I’m offering you a FREE introductory lesson where you can ask me any question, deal with any problem you’re having, and see if I’m the right teacher for you. If you’re ready to become the guitarist you dream of, click the link below.

There’s No Risk Whatsoever!

Not only am I offering you a FREE introductory lesson, I’m so confident you’ll learn a ton from me and improve your playing that my lessons are backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your lessons for any reason at all, just ask and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked, no excuses, no games, no hidden fees. Just say the word and I’ll refund your tuition.

Guitar lessons in Olympia

P.S. Remember, you’re covered by my 30 Day Money Back GuaranteeNo other teacher giving guitar lessons in Olympia offers a guarantee of any kind that I’m aware of.