Summer is the best time for guitar lessons for kids

Guitar lessons in the summer are the best time to make big progress.

Every year, concerned parents contact their child’s guitar teachers and inform them that they are going to “take a break” for the summer and sign back up in the fall. Parents are concerned that the child “will not practice”, will not “have the time” because of vacations, trips etc.

Parents do this to save money without thinking about the negative consequences that the student goes through in stopping guitar lessons. There are many consequences to quitting guitar lessons in the summer.

Students stop practicing if they do not have guitar lessons, not because they don’t enjoy music, but because lessons have stopped being part of their routine.

Many children lack discipline to create their own routines and stick to developing skills on their own. Parents then see how their child stopped practicing during the summer and assume their child has no interest in music lessons, and then the child never enrolls in lessons again.

Not only does the child lose progress from not practicing, but they quit the instrument altogether! This is a massive waste of all the time, money, effort, practice, and discipline that was created the previous 9 months! Imagine working out for 9 months, losing 100 lbs., only to quit the gym and gain it all back! That’s what leaving music lessons does to musical progress.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 young students that “take a break from guitar lessons in the summer” lose 6 months of progress or more on their instrument.

Half of those students never pick up the guitar again! “I wish I would have stuck with it.” “I wish I never put it down.” I hear these phrases from adult students every month. This is often coupled with stories of quitting music lessons when they were young and never going back.

Is a one-hour lesson each week really going to cut into vacation time and is it worth your child missing out on all of these benefits?

There are 2 main reasons parents drop their kid’s guitar lessons in the summer:

  1. They are concerned that their child will not practice at all because it is summer time and children just want to play outside or with their friends, or play video games all day.
  2. They have vacations planned and think that if they are going to be out of town for 2 weeks, they don’t want to pay for lessons their child won’t attend and so they pull them out of lessons for 3 months.

Mistake 1:

If you are concerned your child will not practice this summer, taking them out of lessons will GUARANTEE THEY WILL NOT PRACTICE GUITAR. The only way to ensure your child practices is to stay enrolled in lessons, perhaps taking more lessons is the answer.

Mistake 2:

Most parents assume that missed lessons equal lost lessons. High quality teachers have ways to ensure you get all of your lessons in without interrupting your summer schedule. Be sure to ask them about ways to get in your lessons that work in your schedule.

Summer is the best time for guitar lessons for kids.

The child’s time is not spent in school, homework, after school activities, sports etc. There is more time to practice guitar and get more from their guitar lessons. Many parents nowadays feel they must expose their children to a variety of activities so they become “well rounded.” The flip side to this philosophy is two-fold. The child is so busy, they never can devote time to any of the activities to the point where they develop mastery and confidence, they do not learn how discipline and hard work, they learn how to feel overwhelm and stretched thin.

Because their time is not distracted, they can spend way more time practicing and playing guitar without feeling pressure from other activities. This allows them to enjoy the instrument instead of it feeling like a chore.

Josh Beetler with agrees that “students that stay in guitar lessons in the summer not only play guitar longer and practice more, but make 65% more progress in the summer because they are not distracted. They become more passionate about music because they do not have 9 other activities to compete with.”

Remember that guitar lessons do so much more than teach an instrument. Your children learn social skills, discipline, goal setting, self esteem, creativity, problem solving, enhanced motor skills and cognitive processing!

Who on their right mind wants to take a break from a hobby that makes you cooler, smarter, and happier? Students that take a break for the summer stop practicing, lose interest, go backwards in their progress, and lose all sense of goal setting, routine, and discipline.