There is a two-step process you need to follow to be accepted into any of my programs:

Step One: Get on the waiting list. I am busy and cannot accept everyone who wants to take lessons. I also limit how many students I take on to ensure everyone has a great experience.

The length of your wait will vary depending on how many people are in front of you and when time slots become available.

Step Two: Read my eBook, Practicing Secrets for Guitarists (available free for download after you fill out the form below and get on the waiting list). I want you to have some familiarity with who I am and how I think, and this book will help you with that. It will also give you some very practical tips for become a better player even while you wait for a lesson slot to open.

Fill out the form below to get on the waiting list, then download the eBook you need to read:

Questions? Something wrong?
If you’re confused about anything, email me at or call me, (360) 489-1842.